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Columbarium Manufacturer in the USA

Everest is a columbarium manufacturer. We offer cremation niches and columbarium memorials for sale. In 1997 an industrial architect and columbarium experts joined forces to establish Everest Columbarium systems. Through their collaborative efforts, they designed and engineered our patented cremation niche using a lightweight, weatherable, impact resistant ASA resin. A modular interlocking niche system became the foundation of Everest. Everest cremation niches are designed to fit into any space or application as opposed to other columbarium niches that are constrained by weight and size.

Our patented niche is the cornerstone of our company and is the reason why Everest is a Leading Columbarium Supplier in the USA.

Our niche was designed to provide lasting quality and strength. Our loyal customers are our best advertisement. They call us when they are ready to expand their columbarium memorial. Our greatest compliment is when a customer tells us they would never choose another system because Everest niches are:


Everest is a Columbarium Designer and we offer Cremation Niches and Columbarium for Sale. Please take a look at the Gallery Page to view photos from cemeteries across the United States that have installed our columbarium niche.

Columbarium planners choose Everest as their Columbarium Manufacturer when designing custom columbarium. Everest cremation niches are maintenance free after installation. The Everest niche will not degrade, chip, crack, or corrode like concrete, granite, or metal columbarium niches.

Everest is a columbarium manufacturer and a leading columbarium supplier in the USA.

Our customers want a modern columbarium memorial with lasting quality at a price they can afford. Memorial planners and architects select Everest to create a unique and attractive columbarium that will enhance the beauty of any facility and blend in seamlessly with the existing hardscape. Everest is a proven memorial designer and our columbarium niche has withstood the test of time. Contact us today for more information!

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Columbarium Design Company in Winston Salem, NC
Columbarium Units in Winston Salem, NC

A beautiful memorial protected by a lovely brick sanctuary adjoining the church. Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Fort Smith, AK


Cremation Memorial in Winston Salem, NC
Indiana columbarium

First United Methodist Church of Bloomington, IN
Award winning design